About Chowdy

June 16, 2019

Food. Fun. Friendship.


What the heck is Chowdy?

Chowdy was created in 2018 by best friends Nat Chau and Sofie Dee... sound like something? They created Chowdy for the purpose of sharing their sense of humor with friends and family through web comics. Now they're branching out into your ears!


So what is this podcast all about?

Late to the Party is about Nat and Sofie catching up on popular TV shows and movies they missed out on back when they were trending. These two 1993 babies have A LOT to catch up on.


Do I need an invite to this party?

Nope, everyone is invited to listen to us talk about movies or shows that you’ve already seen.


Can I bring a friend?

YES, bring all your friends!


Do I need to bring anything to the party?

Well you’ll need yourself and whatever device you use to listen to podcasts. Maybe a snack if you’re feeling peckish.


Where can I listen to this amazing podcast?

Right here on PodBean or on any of these sites:



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